Dog Karma Rescue & Training

The Reward for Saving a Dog's Life

Our dog Karma

Karma is the force created by a person's actions that is believed to cause good or bad things to happen to that person. We believe Dog Karma is what you receive in return for the effort you put into a dog's life and well being.

We are Guy and Kimberley Lapierre and we live in Halifax, Nova Scotia. This is our dog, Karma. She is the first rescue dog that we adopted and we believe that doing so has brought us good Karma. We have since adopted four other rescue dogs (Ninja, Thor, Ollie, and Sam), and have fostered additional rescue dogs until they have found their forever homes.

This site is dedicated to our dog Karma for showing us how incredibly rewarding a rescue dog can be. If you are considering bringing a dog into your life we invite you to experience the same joy by adopting a rescue. Don't shop, adopt and save a dog's life - Karma will reward you for it!

We rescue dogs from kill shelters, take in dogs that need to be rehomed and train them to be adoptable family dogs that do not come with a list of behavior issues. We spend time with each adoptive family to make sure the dog is the perfect fit and provide them instruction on how to continue building on what the dog has already learned.

We also provide dog training services through group classes and private lessons.