Dog Karma Rescue

The Reward for Saving a Dog's Life

Dog Rescue

Karma is the force created by a person's actions that is believed to cause good or bad things to happen to that person. We believe Dog Karma is what you receive in return for the effort you put into a dog's life and well being.

We are Guy and Kimberley Lapierre and we live in Halifax, Nova Scotia. This is our dog, Karma. She is the first rescue dog that we adopted and we believe that doing so has brought us good Karma. We have since adopted four other rescue dogs (Ninja, Thor, Ollie, and Sam), and started our own rescue which is of course named after our girl, Karma.

We rescue dogs from kill shelters, take in dogs that need to be rehomed and train them to be adoptable family dogs that do not come with a list of behavior issues. We spend time with each adoptive family to make sure the dog is the perfect fit and provide them instruction on how to continue building on what the dog has already learned.

This site is dedicated to our dog Karma for showing us how incredibly rewarding a rescue dog can be. If you are considering bringing a dog into your life we invite you to experience the same joy by adopting a rescue.

Don't shop, adopt and save a dog's life - Karma will reward you for it!

Dog Training

Our dog training philosophy is simple. We teach dogs basic obedience and then leverage it to proof that obedience under distraction and deal with behavioral issues. We train dogs for the real world and not just within the confines of a training facility. We provide each dog with lifetime training and support for one flat fee.

If your dog doesn't listen to you or only does if there are no distractions then we can help. If your dog pulls on leash or is reactive to others then we can help. Even if your dog is beyond our help, we know people who can help.

Program Highlights

  • One-time fee for the life of your dog.
  • Programs tailored to your dog's specific needs.
  • We train for real world applications.
  • Higher success rate as a result of a clear communication system.
  • Dogs are taught to perform under distraction.
  • On-going Training: After private training is complete, you can attend weekly drop in sessions to continue to improve and maintain your dog's obedience. You will also have the opportunity to teach your dog new behaviors.
  • Ability to request class topics for group training sessions.

Our "Facility"

Our rescue is small and we run it out of our home. We do not have a foster network as we bring dogs in, train them and integrate them into our pack and home structure before adopting them out. This gives them a solid base to start their new life with their adoptive family. It eliminates dogs moving from foster to foster or being returned during their rehabiliation and provides them the opportunity to experience a stable family life. We only adopt our dogs to adopters that prove to provide the same stable environment and it makes for an easy transition. Our goal is quality and not quantity as we believe there are plenty of rescues doing good work to save a vast number of dogs. Our goal is to fill a niche for the few dogs we can save and do things a little differently to increase their quality of life. We typically have two rescue dogs in at a time and keep a waiting list for dogs waiting to come in to our rescue. Below you will find pictures of our kennel room, dog run and training yard. The kennel room opens out to the dog yard which is filled with pea gravel to reduce mud and provide an "all weather" surface for us to use with our limited space. We also have a small room in our basement we use for basic training when the weather isn't cooperating.

Kennel RoomDog RunFront GateDeckYard